The Showcase Kicks Off

By R. Garza Showcase Blogger
It’s 9:30 a.m., and the hallways of CCAC are milling with students, faculty, and community members.
President Summerlin’s welcome hit the bulls eye! “Looking at all of the displays is just the surface and one can only speculate as to the content.” He thanked many for their special efforts in the 1st Student Achievement Activity Showcase:
  • Provost, Dr. McCormick, for his visualization and support, and the opportunity to make more out of what the students are learning
  • Dr. Distel, for his coordination and undergraduate research taskforce
  • Rex Quick, for our interactive online showcase blog component
  • Dr. Vines, winner of the Whitehurst Teaching Award, for her integrated education team, and for securing our keynote speaker.
  • Dr. Cramer, for their logistics and planning
  • And above all, the students! “We can plan and organize, just like a dinner. But without food it’s not a dinner. There is nothing without the research results, the scholarship display, and the creativity.”


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