Showcase Photographers

The members of Oh Snap!, along a few other Schreiner students, have agreed to volunteer to help document Schreiner’s first ever Academic Achievement Showcase! Several Oh Snap! members and other Schreiner students will be wandering throughout the event taking photos and video. So if you happen to see any of us then you should wave if you have the time! Just in-case you have no clue what I’m talking about, Oh Snap! is an organization dedicated to the knowledge and appreciation of Photography and Cinematography.

I have had the opportunity as the founder and President of Oh Snap! to be involved in this new organization with these wonderful people, and some of them have agreed to introduce themselves to you.


Eloy Rico

Major: Graphic Design

Hey, I’m Eloy Rico, the founder and current President of Oh Snap!. I created Oh Snap! as a way for people who were interested in Photography and Cinematography to further explore the possibilities and their interests as well as just plain hanging out with other people with similar interests. We’re sort of small right now, but hopefully we can change that next semester, and we’re not just small, but we’re spunky! 🙂

Photography to me is a creative expression through an image. It’s more than just looking at something and snapping a shot. It’s knowing what you want to do then pursuing that thought and making it into reality. It captures a moment in time and I love it for that. On the other hand, Cinematography involves moving frames, which is very awesome and interesting! I’ve been taking photos since I was a little boy and doing video capturing since about junior high, and video-editing for about 6 to 7 years so far. It’s just a fun experience, but I also like dipping my toes into about every aspect of the artistic field.

Laurel Bey

I am finishing my first year of college on the spring of 2012. I am majoring in Business and i am minoring in photography. I joined Oh Snap! the fall semester of 2011 to further my passion for and education of photography.


Victoria Cortez

I decided to explore the world behind camera lens. I thought it’d be a nice hobby

Victoria Ponse

Freshman- Education Major
I love photography because a camera can capture pictures of moments and images that are not normally seen.

Tia Yarbrough

Freshman Communications Major
Capturing life through a camera to let the moments of my life visible to all.

Rebecca Day

Fresh- education major

Nick Newland


Graphic Design major

Alejandra Vital

Senior – Graphic Design major

Thanks and hoping to see some awesome things from this Academic Achievement Showcase! 🙂



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