Classroom Management Techniques

Students: Amanda Middleton, Rebecca Bebe

Student internship teaching is a valuable experience that has taught us so much. In order for students to thrive and succeed they must be given comfort through knowing expectations and repetition. Through working with Mrs. Coulter in the second grade, we learned several classroom management techniques which are helpful and a great tool for any teachers tool kit.


Combatting Human Trafficking in America and Asia

Students: Anneliese Campbell, Amanda Middleton, Luke Berry, Michael Kelton

Human trafficking is a global problem reaching epidemic proportions. For the purpose of this discussion we will take a look into America and Asia and how their Countries view and are affected by human trafficking. Often times, victims are coerced into trafficking due to lack of awareness, they volunteer for a “better life”, or they are kidnapped. We propose to bring awareness to this issue in hopes of alleviating or someday solving the problem.